My 2 Psoriasis-Related New Year’s Resolutions

In December I had a bad breakup—not with a particular person, but with my psoriasis treatment. After 2 years of being on a treatment I considered unbreakable, it decided to stop working. This caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. It seemed to happen fast. A few months ago, while on treatment, new spots of psoriasis started to appear on my legs, which did not seem normal. Then a few weeks later, more spots of psoriasis started to creep in despite continued use of my treatment. Initially, I was in denial that my medicine had stopped working, but after a visit to my doctor, reality set in that it was time for a change. #MySkinMatters and I’m going to take care of it!

It’s 2019 and in a matter of a month since stopping my treatment, my psoriasis came back as if it never left. New year, but same struggles when it comes to dealing with a visible chronic disease like psoriasis. I didn’t think I would be entering into 2019 with the need to create concrete health resolutions for my condition, but it’s a reality I can’t ignore or escape. I realize if I want to be my healthiest self, then creating healthy goals is a must when it comes to conquering my psoriasis. What are your health care resolutions for 2019?

My skin-related resolutions for 2019



Find a new treatment. Although my most recent treatment stopped working, there is still hope and lots of treatment options to choose from. This year I plan on finding a new and convenient treatment that works to control the symptoms of my psoriasis.

Unapologetically show my spots. Although I am an advocate for visible conditions like psoriasis, I still struggle in a few areas, including showing my skin in public among strangers, such as at a pool or spa. Although I’m comfortable with showing my spots online, being open in public is somewhat different. Online, my spots are accompanied by a caption that reads, “It’s just psoriasis.” However, showing my spots offline doesn’t provide the same advantages, so those who cross my path are left to assume whatever it is they want. This year, I hope to get over my fear and show my spots out in public more (if this new medicine doesn’t work fast enough). My partnership with My Skin Matters has been a huge help in taking steps to find courage with my psoriasis.


U.S. News & World Report reported 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. I am being proactive for the goals I’ve mentioned above. I met with my doctor in late 2018 who prescribed a new treatment that I will start in January 2019. Showing my spots unapologetically in public will be the biggest challenge for me, however I plan on immersing myself in lots of self-love exercises in addition to surrounding myself with people who love me when I decide to bare it all in public.

I will do a 6-month check-in on the progress of my 2 healthy living goals, so stay tuned for updates. Good luck with your health goals this year! 

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