I love fashion, however, living with a visible disease like psoriasis creates a challenge for me to authentically express myself through my clothes. Some of the worst anxiety I have felt while living with psoriasis were fashion moments associated with my disease. When I was around 15 years old I had a nervous breakdown when picking out an evening gown for a pageant. Then, almost 7 years later similar feelings came over me like a dark cloud when I was picking out a wedding dress.

Psoriasis has really forced me to think outside the box when it comes to style. I’ve had to think of creative ways to camouflage my condition while remaining fashionable. Check me out of the National Psoriasis Foundation Psound Bytes podcast, where I discuss navigating fashion while living with psoriasis!


SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: it’s not about hiding your disease in shame. It’s about doing what’s most comfortable for YOU whether that’s covering up your spots or living with them exposed to the world! No matter what, remember to do you, and to do it at the best of your ability!