Whenever I walk into a room, it appears as though psoriasis speaks on my behalf. The flaky, dry, crusty patches of skin which encroaches my body are loud, gripping the attention and curiosity of those around me. Oftentimes, my psoriasis steals the show and becomes the center of attention, casting a dark shadow over the essence of who I am as a person.

The untold narrative of psoriasis: telling the story beyond my skin condition

People look at me and are no longer concerned about the depths of my soul, but more so intrigued about my skin. Other times, people misinterpret the narrative of my skin. To strangers who don’t know I have psoriasis, my skin speaks the language of eczema, bug bites, or some nameless rash. Even when I try to explain my condition, sometimes people only hear what they want to hear and continue to create their own conclusions accompanied by unsolicited advice.

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