Alisha is communications-minded, and she delivers a well-polished presentation in person, in both formal and small group settings.

Senior Marking Coordinator, Remedy Health

Thoughtful, articulate and engaging.

Alisha has many talents and has helped NPF in various ways. Both in speaking and in writing, Alisha has a thoughtful, articulate and engaging way of sharing her experience living with psoriasis in a manner that is authentic and relatable.

PR Manager, National Psoriasis Foundation

Making the most impact!

Each year WEGO Health awards top deserving Patient Leaders within the WEGO Health Awards. The Patient Leader award is the most coveted as it’s given to the leader who’s making the most impact with their advocacy work. Alisha was the 2017 winner and was truly deserving of the award. Her raw, real, down to earth attitude makes her so relatable and approachable. She’s well spoken, professional and is a difference maker. She tops our go-to list of leaders – not only within the psoriasis community but the advocacy community as a whole.

Patient Leader Network Coordinator, WEGO Health

A game changer!

Alisha Bridges is a game changer and innovator who uses social media and her blog to empower others living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Alisha used to be ashamed of her condition and like many people with psoriasis, she refused to talk about. Now, she changes lives every day through her blog, encouraging people to speak out for themselves, get involved and get the help/support they need.

Former Public Relations Manager at the National Psoriasis Foundation


Alisha’s goal in life is to give back to others what life has taught her through a series of speaking presentations, writing, interviews, and hosting. Her aim is to inspire and promote positive change. Check out the different ways you can work with Alisha. Contact her for rates.

“My goal is to be the voice for the voiceless and to educate individuals on the dark secrets of living with a chronic disease.

It is my hope that through my vulnerability, individuals dealing with the deepest hurts will understand they are not alone and find the strength to share their truth. Through my story, I hope to bring compassion for those the least understood.”

Alisha’s way with words will leave you inspired. Her method is simple. Provide an honest, vulnerable, and meaningful truth by being honest and open with her life experiences as a woman, an individual living with a chronic disease, and one who has struggled with finding unconditional love for herself.

She can speak to all audiences in any setting and has spoken to an array of groups including patient advocates, the medical community, Congress, youth and more. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Life with Chronic Illness
  • Self-esteem and Self-Love
  • Mental Health
  • Children of Drug Addicts
  • Minorities in Health
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Patient-Centered Research
  • Blogging
  • Social Media


Digital Pharma East Conference 2019
The Intersection of Data and Emotion: Unlocking Meaningful Patient Relationships.

American Academy of Dermatology DERM Conference 2018 Panel: Dermatology Education: Review and Mastery (D.E.R.M.) Program Psoriasis Education for Industry Sales conf.

HealtheVoices 2018 Conference Jassen Pharmaceuticals Workshop: Effectively Advocating in Our Diverse World

UCB Pharmaceuticals 2018 Prelaunch Meeting
Keynote Speaker

National Psoriasis Foundation 2017 Volunteer Conference Workshop: Pursuing your Allies
Workshop: Heros are Stronger Together


Alisha’s career background is in media journalism. Through thought-provoking and authentic words, Alisha strives to educate and inspire through written storytelling. She has had the honor of writing for several platforms including Healthline, HealthCentral, The National Psoriasis Foundation, Mayo Clinic, Health Union, Stanford Medical Blog, and several others.

Most Popular Articles Written by Alisha:

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Alisha is an experienced patient consultant and has worked as a psoriasis advocate within the chronic illness community for the last eight years. As a patient advocate, she works to educate non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, researchers, and patient advocacy groups on the best practices for working with individuals living with chronic illness. Shes strives to bridge the gap between patients and the medical community in hopes it creates better health outcomes. She provides education on patient needs by sharing her experience as well as the experience of others living with chronic illness. Alisha has worked in research and has served on several patient advocacy committees. She can provide insight into the following areas:

Patient Advocacy Groups

Patient Care

Best Patient Practices

Patient Needs

Chronic Illness Marketing and Branding


National Psoriasis Foundation/University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Patient Partner
A Pragmatic Trial of Home Versus Office Based Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Phototherapy for the Treatment of Psoriasis2018-Present

International Dermatology of Outcome Measures
Patient Advisor
Developing Evidence-Based Outcomes Measures to Evaluate the Impact of Treatments for Patients with DermatologicalDiseases

National Psoriasis Foundation
Citizen PscientistCitizen Pscientist
Governance council priorities for Patient-Centered Research
Published Summer 2017


Co-authored National Psoriasis Foundation Priories for Patient-Centered Research: Proceeding from the 2016 Conference. (2017). Journal of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, 2(3), 73-80.

Co-authored Building a Citizen Pscientist: Advancing Patient-Centered Psoriasis Research by Empowering Patients as Contributors and Analysts. (2018). Dermatology and Therapy, 1-19. doi:10.1007/s13555-018- 0242-5


Are you writing an article or need someone for an on-camera interview to chat about life with a chronic illness? Alisha can help! Her 20+ years with psoriasis makes her the perfect expert when it comes to an in-depth, honest look into living with a chronic disease. She doesn’t mind sharing her most intimate moments with psoriasis and mental health if it means providing a better understanding for people living with chronic illness.


Alisha enjoys showing off products she loves and sharing them with her followers. If there is something that has helped her in a positive way it is her hope it will do the same for others. However, she only share products she absolutely loves. Please contact Alisha to discuss opportunities for the chance to collaborate and be featured on her site.